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Everything you need to organize testing and software processes in one place, SQMMI is more than a model, it's a guide, a community focused on helping you reach the highest levels of maturity and control, with documents, articles, tools, automation framework, templates, all for your daily life. sign up, participate in our automation and implementer courses, take our certifications and join us on this journey.

Our manifest

We were born with a purpose: to integrate quality analysts and developers who really care about the success of their projects.

We do not want to be complex, slow or expensive!

Also, we do not want to be chosen by higher impositions.

We want to add in the day-to-day of all those involved in the software process.
Focused, passionate and proud of our results!

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About Us

Our mission

Insert thinking and concern about software quality in every context of software development and testing.

Providing knowledge, processes, tools in a clear and objective way leading solution is constant update to those who wish to join this journey.

Our vision

To be the most agile, easy, current and effective model of the world through the collaboration of the best heads of the world of technology, a model above all with life and dynamism brought by the hands of everyone who comes to help.

Our values

Ethics, trust, respect, integrity, excellence,
commitment to quality.


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