SQMMI, a model to fill a market gap

May 25, 2019

Emerson Rios & Maicol Peixe

 We know that there are software development and test process improvement models like CMMI and MPS.Br and some test specifics like TMMI, TPI and MPT (focused on the Brazilian market), however, the experience we have with using , implementing and certifying these models has led us to conclude that they are all complex and costly to deploy and certify, and in the specific models for testing, the problem gets even worse. For startups, small and midsize businesses that have very small software testing areas, few professionals, or hybrid development and testing professionals, the implementation of process improvement models becomes very difficult due to lack of human and financial resources, leading these companies to reject and not adhere to the culture of best practice, brought about by the adoption of a quality model and certification.

The current market dynamics, constantly changing and evolving, make it impossible to maintain complex and closed models, restricted to a group of technicians with the responsibility for their elaboration and updating. The isolation of the model thinkers / actuators network brings a gap between the published version of the model and the reality of the market, thus leading to the failure of the process and technological dynamics monitoring process necessary for the successful application of such models.

We can say that the software quality process improvement models, which are currently available for consumption by the technology community, are expensive to implement, require extensive external support from a limited group of consultants, and tend to be costly in the case of decision by the technology community to claim for certification. Additionally, we can say that they are complex to be used by midsize companies and almost impossible to be applied by startups and small companies.

The lack of openness, of sharing responsibility for the evolution of such models, makes them lagging, making it impossible to live up to their precepts in an agile and hostile environment in processes, times, solution architecture and required quality levels, and so on. Today, we do not have models that understand concepts such as DevOps, DevSecOps and that consider the technological evolution in their structural proposal and that still assist in specific tests in scenarios with heavy use of cloud technologies, BigData, IoT and others.

In a scenario of accelerators, incubators and investors where the constant “innovation” is praised, the need arises for something feasible to be applied in any scenario, something new, made and maintained by a community of thinkers, something that meets Startups, something that comes with a clear focus on helping and promoting quality culture for everyone, without restrictions on size, segment, technology and above all that helps those in their nascent process need guidance and mentoring so they can grow quickly and consistently, even with all the financial constraints that the moment brings them.

SQMMI, compared to other market models, seeks to go much further than its concern with software quality and is much more concerned with other levels of testing such as unit testing and integration testing, always considering technology advances, test automation frameworks, DevOps integration, and much, much more, as it is a living model, which proposes to evolve every day to best adhere to new technologies, discussing topics such as machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and levels of cognition that may, as we evolve, be applied in our daily lives in the context of software quality.

Software Quality Maturity Model Integration (SQMMI) was created to fill the gaps in the market. We were born into the world, which is why we decided on an international name, and keeping our legacy always up to date in three languages, Portuguese, English and Spanish. SQMMI aims to be a model that is easy to understand, full of templates for reuse, and texts, courses, lectures and everything related to knowledge to help those who join us, and consequently intends to be a model of costs far below what they currently exist, bringing the culture, knowledge, and thus certification to companies of all sizes and market segments, bringing quality to those in need.

However, the most important thing is that SQMMI is an open model, we know we need you, and we want you to make your mark, and be part of this legacy, and for that, everyone can come to our site, a site of us all, you can criticize, you can be part of our meetings, online and offline, you can discuss, propose and optimize the model, ensuring constant technological updating in relation to new market trends.

The proposal is to ensure that any professional can implement the model in your company, with or without the help of one of our fellow graduates as implementers and who can seek certification at affordable costs to their market reality, with remote implementations taking advantage of the facilities. currently existing technological Thus, enabling the substantial reduction of costs brought with the need for commuting, and especially reducing the costs of aggression to nature with the unnecessary expense of locomotion. Our focus is to achieve a much broader scope than that defined by current market models.

Understanding the seriousness, structure and process of other market models, such as TMMI and MPT, and understanding the viability of coexistence with the implementation of pre-existing models, we understand to be ethical and fair open to companies already certified in other models, and with their certifications still valid, the possibility to apply for certification with SQMMI at a level equivalent to the level at which it has certification.

The clear objective is that all segments of the software testing market can be met by SQMMI, not impeding coexistence with other models in a harmonic way, as for the market to have more than one certification is often necessary.

Our goal is to provide quality in the form of knowledge, and we want to question and be questioned and we understand that for those who aim to achieve high levels of quality, and who already have other certifications, that adherence is nothing more than an opportunity to compare, improve, criticize and bring growth to both sides.

SQMMI, a model to help, to improve, to grow through the hands of everyone, whether in Brazil or in the world. We count on you in this trajectory where we propose to surf not only one, but many, many waves of technology. We don't want to be just hype, we want to be intergenerational, we want to be something that you can call yours, something that you can be proud of passing on to new generations of thinkers who live, think and fight for better software.

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