Our manifesto

Day by day we make mistakes, we evolve, we learn and we have insights that allow us to improve, create, innovate and often initiate disruptive movements that underlie the future. It is with this thinking that the SQMMI planting the idea of an agile, open model, to be sown, cared for and evolved by many, something without bureaucracies, without politicking, without obstacles, without egos, and above all something serious, objective, practical, current, possible to be used by all, all of us, developers, analysts and managers, a model without frontiers and with a "single focus": Software Quality.

We value people, synergy, community, techniques, adaptability, evolution, and in this way we hope to create the agility, processes, tools, documents, and results necessary for us to surf this disruptive wave of technologies and innovation.

And, with this reasoning, we structure the following manifesto: